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Festive Season Security Risks & Solutions for Construction Sites

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Construction sites, with their high-value plant and materials, tend to be prime targets for thieves, particularly when they’re closed up for the annual builder’s holiday and are not adequately secured.

Thieves and vandals are often opportunistic. Many work sites are located in open areas or in remote locations that often lack proper lighting at night. These locations are easy targets for thieves and vandals. Many times, items that can easily be carried are stolen and later sold. Don’t give thieves and vandals an opportunity. Take steps to make it difficult for them to target your site.

Plant, fuel and materials are the main assets at risk by theft, whilst vandalism and on-site security breaches are also very real hazards. There are also risks in the form of access by protestors who may seek to achieve anything from publicity, through to malicious damage or destruction of the site.

Shockingly, each year, two or three children die after gaining access to poorly secured construction sites and many more sustain injuries. Members of the public are also seriously injured on a regular basis by falling into open trenches; being struck by moving vehicles or plant, or by tools or materials falling outside of the boundary of the site.

Be proactive. Formulate loss-prevention and risk-management strategies that protect your site from thieves and vandals. Your work site and its contents are valuable assets. It is to your benefit to protect them.

Installing intruder alarms, CCTV, high-quality locks and signage advertising the security measures in operation should all act as deterrents. CCTV and access control measures will ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access the site. CCTV will also allow identification of intruders and act as evidence in a prosecution. Secure perimeter fencing and barriers, backed by controlled entry points, should also act as effective deterrents. 

Taking the time and incurring the costs to replace stolen goods and repair damaged property can negatively affect the timeline of your project. This can lead to you facing potential fines for failing to meet deadlines and experiencing cost overruns.

Don’t forget to contact your broker or insurer as soon as possible should your plant be vandalised, or if your site security is breached by thieves. 

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