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As boat enthusiasts ourselves, we’re specialists in providing bespoke insurance to meet your exact needs, so whether your pleasure is in a dinghy or jet ski, motorboat or yacht we can help you choose exactly the right insurance policy for you.

Having adequate boat insurance can help to protect you against any third party liability for injury or damage caused by you or your vessel.  Third party liability is probably the most frequent claim we receive when it comes to boat insurance.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to boating, there are many considerations for boat owners when it comes to insuring your boat. Let us help you find the right cover and keep you afloat.

Cover & Benefits

  • Accidental damage, including fire, theft and malicious damage, sinking, stranding, collisions and salvage costs
  • Road Hauliers Liability
  • Goods in Transit within South Africa
  • Protection and Indemnity Insurance
  • Loss or damage to the vessel, gear and equipment.
  • Legal liability for claims made by third parties including passengers and guests on-board, or when embarking or disembarking the vessel.
  • Loss of gear and equipment from the exterior following forcible theft.
  • Personal accident cover for the owner and guests.
  • Outboard motor cover - in case of dropping off and falling overboard.
  • Salvage charges and liability - for the cost of raising or removal of wreck.

We’ll talk you through the insurance process, understand more about the type of boat you’re looking to insure and then we’ll scour the local insurance market for the best insurance options which offer you the most competitive pricing.

If you use your boat for your own and your family’s pleasure you’ll most likely be looking for a private pleasure craft policy but for larger yachts, we can organise more specialised insurance in the form of hull & machinery and protection & indemnity to give you all round cover, including crew liability.

There’s no better match for your boat insurance than a brokerage that feels comfortable sourcing your insurance cover because we know how boats run, we also know how to help you when you are faced with a problem or an accident, bringing you full circle to your reason for purchasing the insurance in the first place.

Boat Care Tips

Laying up after the season.

  • Service your engine/s before laying up for the winter. This includes replacing the oil, oil and fuel filters, impellers and engine anodes. Check belts and replace as required. If you have an auxiliary outboard motor, service this as well with new oil, plugs and impeller.
  • Give the boat a good wash and note any slight damage for attention over the winter.
  • Clean the interior and especially the bilges, making sure they are dry.
  • Check for any play in rudder and shaft bearings. Also check for pitting or corrosion.
  • As far as possible always keep your fuel tank/s full over the winter, to avoid a build-up of condensation.
  • Check the battery electrolyte level wherever applicable. Are the terminals clean and corrosion-free? Clean and protect as required.

  • You’ve most likely spent a small fortune on purchasing your boat and you're also likely spending quite a large amount on maintainence and use every year. The point is, it’s a big investment and given the unpredictability of life on the water, it’s definitely something you’ll need insurance for.


    What you need to know ...
    These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Boat cover.

    1What can influence my premium?

    From a small dinghy to a large super-yacht or personal watercraft, each type of vessel will attract a different level of risk, so just like car insurance - boats are usually categorised according to their vessel type and risk.

    In general, the actual size of the boat isn't as important as its value, how easily it could be stolen and the potential for damage. If your boat is trailer-able and spends a large amount of time safely tucked away on your drive, you'll probably pay a different premium than if it was stored at a marina.

    Finally, the experience of the boat owner and the type of use i.e. private use, as a charter or racing vessel as well as previous claims experience are all taken into consideration when calculating the premium.

    2What does a typical boat insurance policy usually include?
    Any physical damage covered by a boat insurance policy will usually include equipment such as hull, sails, machinery, furnishings, on-board equipment and the trailer if applicable. Standard cover generally provides: Accidental damage, including fire, theft and malicious damage, sinking, stranding, collisions and salvage costs. Damage to engines. Transit risks up to 30 feet in length. Lifting and launching risks. Loss or damage caused by latent defects. Personal effects. Third Party Provides protection for you, or authorised persons using your boat, from claims made by third parties for death or injury or damage to third-party property for which you may become legally labile.
    3What isn’t covered on a standard policy?
    Typical policy exclusions include:
    • Damage caused by wear and tear
    • Wilful misconduct
    • Loss of value due to age of vessel
    • Losses caused by corrosion osmosis
    • Mast, spars and sails whilst racing unless the policy has been extended
    • Theft unless the right security devices or locks are fitted
    4Will I be covered if my boat motor breaks down?
    Most policies don't cover the cost of fixing a mechanical breakdown (including seizing or overheating) but they do cover your boat motor if it's damaged as a result of impact, fire, malicious damage, sinking or grounding.


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