As violent protests and looting increases, so will the demand for riot risk cover. Does your policy include SASRIA insurance?

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Sasria provides short-term protection against special risks that the broader insurance industry doesn't cover. Examples of these special risks include civil commotion, strike, riot, public disorder and terrorism. Your Sasria policy does not cover war and war-related activities.

To be insured against the special risks mentioned above, you must have an underlying policy that includes Sasria cover at the time of the event giving rise to a loss.
If you choose to only take out Sasria cover, there must be a pro forma underlying policy as a formality. The pro forma policy can be issued by any underlying insurer. The underlying insurer is obliged to give you Sasria cover regardless of your risk profile.

An insurer cannot refuse to underwrite a risk because they deem it to be high risk, similarly they cannot cancel a policy because there have been numerous claims.

COVID-19 food insecurity and recent incidents of looting show this special-risk insurance is both critical and necessary. Speak to us about adding Sasria cover to your existing business or personal policy, or about securing a stand-alone policy.

Cover Included with Sasria

  • Cover for accidental or deliberate damage done to your personal property by individuals or a crowd who are taking part in a strike, riot or protest.
  • Cover for deliberate or accidental damage caused by an individual or a group who are involved in a political or social protest, aimed to induce fear among the public or overthrow/influence any sector of the government.
  • Cover NOT Included with Sasria Insurance

  • Loss or damage which is consequential or not directly related to the above-mentioned events.
  • You will not be compensated if your property is confiscated lawfully by the relevant authorities.
  • Loss or damage as a result of theft or looting, unless it involves a protest, riot or strike.


SASRIA cover is not directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the indirect impact could result in
riots and looting, in which case SASRIA cover could be
asked to respond.

If your property or assets are damaged as a result of civil commotion, public disorder, strikes, riots and/or terrorism (whether on a personal or commercial policy), it's important
to understand that your standard insurance policy will
not cover this damage and if you don't have a SASRIA
extension in place, your claim will be rejected.

Don’t have regrets, speak to us so to confirm that you have the appropriate cover in place - especially if you're a business owner.

What you need to know in terms of your existing insurance cover:

Personal Policies

  • Sasria cover should be automatically included on your existing Insurance Policy.
  • The Sasria sum insured for your buildings & contents will be the same as your existing (underlying) home or building policy.
  • In respect of any vehicle/s insured on your exisiting policy, Sasria will pay the current retail value in the event of a total loss.
  • Sasria does not provide third party liability cover.

  • Business Policies

    Business Assets (buildings, contents and stock)

  • Sasria cover for your assets is automatically included on the majority of commercial policies and will reflect on your policy schedule.
  • The Sasria sums insured will be the same as those reflected under the Fire, Buildings Combined and Office Contents sections of your Policy.
  • Sasria incorporates the underlying Policy terms, conditions, warranties, exclusions and exceptions, but not extensions.
  • If you're unsure as to whether you have the cover please contact us

  • Business Interruption cover (Loss of income)

  • This cover is NOT automatically included and must be specifically requested by a client.
  • There must be a Sasria Material Damage Coupon in force covering the same interest and period.

  • There are 4 different methods of arranging this cover:
    1. Standing charges – client must provide a list of their standing charges. 2. Working expenses – The formula used to determine the sum insured is: Gross Profit less Net Profit = Working Expenses. The list of uninsured working expenses must be provided.
    3. Net Profit – the net profit can be insured on its own or with the Standing charges or Working expenses policy.
    4. Gross Profit – insurance gross profit is defined as Turnover less purchases, bad debts and any other expense deemed variable.


  • In respect of mobile plant only plant registered for road use and are utilized on public roads can be insured under a motor Sasria coupon.
  • If Plant is not registered for road use it must be insured on a Plant All Risk Sasria Coupon.
  • Sasria cover is also available for Money, Goods in Transit and Construction sites but must be specifically requested and arranged.

  • FAQs

    What you need to know ...
    These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about SASRIA Insurance.

    1How do I lodge a claim with SASRIA?

    In order to claim through SASRIA, the incident must be reported as soon as possible to the South African Police. You must then inform us about the claim and we'll send the details to SASRIA on your behalf. If the claim is approved by SASRIA, they'll send us the payment and we'll ensure the payment is made to you.

    2How much does SASRIA cover cost?
    Your monthly car, business or house insurance premium usually includes the Sasria premium, which we pay on your behalf.

    Here’s the maths:

  • Personal lines vehicle (including car, motorbike, trailer and caravan cover) = R2.02 per vehicle per month.
  • Watercraft = 0.001090% of insured value, with a minimum of R5.00, per watercraft per month.
  • Buildings, home contents and portable possessions = 0.000363% of insured value, with a minimum of R3.00 per month.
  • 3Will I be covered if my goods truck is looted during a riot outside of South Africa?
    Sasria provides cover for property situated in South Africa and within South African water.

    Sasria has a reciprocal agreement with NASRIA (a Sasria like institution in Namibia) whereby if the insured has a Sasria Policy/Coupon and is temporally in Namibia the Sasria Policy/Coupon will respond to any Sasria type claims and vice – verse.

    Sasria cover will NOT cover your vehicle or goods in any other country.
    4Does SASRIA insurance cover Business Interruption?
    For commercial clients, SASRIA cover in terms of Business Interruption is limited to fixed expenses or standing charges and net profit, but not for the traditional contingent business interruption covers such as losses following damage to premises of customers and suppliers, and to the supply of public utilities like water and electricity. .