We know jargon-ridden insurance contracts can be confusing so it’s our job to make it simple by working with you to establish the right protection at the right price.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important that your business insurance partner properly understands your business and tailors the right cover for your needs. We work with a wide range of organisations in many different sectors, from sole traders to franchises, which means we have the experience and knowledge to help guide you through the complex insurance process.

These are just a couple of the sectors we deal with:

Guest Houses & B&Bs

Working in the hospitality industry means making exceptions and being flexible enough to make your customers happy. We understand the demands your business places on you, so we’ve designed a policy especially for guesthouse and B&B owners. This policy offers comprehensive cover for your business venue as well as your own property - with a number of extras that can be customised especially for you. To find out exactly what this cover includes, contact us..

Tourism, Leisure & Entertainment

The people-centric service industry has its own unique demands.This cover protects businesses that derive their income from the tourism industry, including hotels, lodges, conference centres, timeshare resorts, conference centres, caravan parks, health centres, restaurants and golf clubs. It also covers risks such as fire, buildings, business interruption, public liability, theft, accidental damage, personal effects of staff and guests, locks and access discs, damage to garden and décor features, watchmen and temporary repairs, external signs and canopies, amongst others. Speak to Misha about putting together a flexible, comprehensive policy for your business.

Events & Exhibitions

We provide insurance packages specifically designed for companies involved in the event sector. Whether providing Public Liability or Cancellation cover for event organisers, film production companies or sports and entertainment venues, we have a wide range of policies to cover all types and sizes of events, from corporate golf days, to team-building exercises and conferences, right through to the largest public events such as sports events, music festivals, outdoor shows, exhibitions and charity events. We work with specialist insurers who can provide bespoke policy wording to ensure that your policy is tailored to your particular event and at a highly competitive price.

Commercial Insurance

Our commercial insurance policies have been created to afford comprehensive cover that protects your building, plant and equipment, stock, cash, motor vehicles, legal liabilities and loss of income. Our informed approach to providing your cover is based on managing all of your risks. We'll help you manage your risks to ensure that you are proactively protecting your business. Most importantly, we can steer you through any claims that arise, helping to ensure they are paid and allowing you to focus on successfully running your business.

Business Insurance protects your business against commercial interruptions, costs of property damage, theft and claims made against your business by others.

You can take out business insurance for a range of possible losses, including natural disasters, accidental losses, wilfull damage and costs of employees failing in their duties.


General Business Insurance: This is business insurance that covers your business assets against loss or damage due to theft, vandalism, flood, fire and other perils.

Liability Insurance: This is business insurance that covers your business against claims for injury or damage your business activities cause. This is especially important for businesses that work on clients' assets, do work on client premises or provide advice or services that could prove costly if incorrect.

Some business insurance policies combine general and public liability insurance. You can also get business insurance that covers injuries to employees on business premises.

What is Covered?

Property Damage

Covers accidental loss, damage or destruction to specified property such as your buildings and their contents, (including stock, plant and machinery, electronic equipment, money, glass and documents) whilst on the premises or in transit.

Consequential Loss

Covers your loss of profits or revenue (and continuing fixed expenses) suffered due to the interruption of your business operations whilst the damaged property is being repaired or replaced following an insured event or disaster.

Personal Accident

Will compensate you if you, or an insured employee, are disabled or killed in an accident - regardless of whether it happens at work or not. It will also pay for medical expenses as a result of an accident.

In addition, we offer value-added insurance cover that might be excluded from your business insurance policy. This includes insuring you against excess payments or losses excluded from your standard cover.


What you need to know ...
These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Business cover.

1What should I do to keep my Business Insurance costs low?
Risk management represents a powerful tool of keeping your Business Insurance costs under control. By using risk management you determine all the possible risks your business may face and choose whether you want to finance coverage against these risks or not. Large companies use these methods of reducing their expenditures, and your small business could use the same scheme for making sure you don't over or under-buy insurance.Text to go here
2How often should my Business Insurance policies be reviewed?
Your Business Insurance policy will have to be reviewed frequently in order to adjust it to your needs. You want to make sure you're covered for exactly what you need and do not overpay at the same time. That's why you need to review your Business Insurance policies at least one a year and make them relevant to your business' insurance needs. You should also consider reviewing your policy whenever an unexpected situation implying Business Insurance occurs.
3What type of risks should I consider during my risk analysis?
The size of your company, type of industry, type of organizational structure, capitalization, geographical area, management team, degree of experience and expertise in the targeted business, capitalization, competitive environment and many other factors can have a bearing on the risk environment for the company. A few of the potential operational risks are as follows: Risk of Property Damage Risk of Inventory Loss or Damage (through spoilage, etc.) Risk of Loss from Employee Theft Risk from Various Liabilities (including injuries to customers or to others) Risk from Errors and Omissions Liabilities Business interruption Risks Other risks involve the business's employees and may call for optional or mandatory insurance coverage: Worker's compensation Unemployment Employee benefits Additional risks relate to you and your ability to continue the business in the event of serious losses: Risk of your death or key employees Risk of your disability or key employees
4How much is it going to cost?
The cost is dependent on the specifics of your business situation. You can probably reduce the cost by asking us to shop around. There are many companies providing business cover and competing for your business. Many small to medium size businesses may be able to save money by considering packaged coverage instead of purchasing a lot of individual policies for the different risks.


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