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for you as possible.


Report Your Claim to Sandra ASAP.

When you make a claim, it’s our opportunity to keep our promise to you. You can speak to your personal advisor, download a claim form below, or contact us directly regarding your claim.

Our expert team will handle your claim efficiently and professionally, helping you to recover from your loss as quickly as possible.


Report the event to the police if someone's been hurt, in the case of an accident or in the event of any criminal act such as theft.
DO NOT admit fault, liability, responsibility or make any offers or payments.
Download the relevant claim form, or request one from us.
Complete the form in full and e-mail it to
Very Important: You must send us your claim form within 30 days of the incident.

GRIB Claims direct line: 044 382 0550
GRIB Claims e-mail:


Your insurer's Roadside or Home Assist Call Centre should be open 24 hours a day.
You can call them for roadside assistance following a car accident, or to help with
plumbing, electrical or locksmith emergencies.

Their numbers are as follows:

HOLLARD Global Assist: 0800 333 706

SANTAM SOS: 0860 505 911

OLD MUTUAL - Swift Care: 0860 247 365

OLD MUTUAL ELITE - Swift Care: 0860 247 365

ZENITH Assist Services: 0860 449 000


A&G: 0860 104 210

You can also request a call back by filling in the contact form below.
Sandra will steer your claims process from start to finish, while keeping you updated on its progress.

What should I do in the event of a car accident?

1. Obtain all relevant information from the other parties involved in the accident including:

  • Full Name
  • Identification number
  • Postal and Residential Address
  • Contact details (obtain at least 2 different numbers)
  • Their Insurance details
  • Car make, model and registration number
  • Date, time and place of accident.

  • 2. If possible, take photos of the accident scene with any available camera e.g. your cell phone.
    3. Obtain contact and personal details of any witnesses to the accident.
    4. Report the accident to the South African Police Services and obtain a case number and a police report if you're claiming for a 3rd party collision.

    House Contents Section

    Please Supply:

  • Fully Completed Claim Form
  • Quotations for replacement/ repair of claimed items
  • Proof of ownership / valuations of stolen items – Jewellery items etc..
  • Damage report from service provider stating cause of damage – On repairable items (Lightning/Power-surge or accidental damage)

  • Buildings Section

    Please Supply:

  • Fully Completed Claim Form
  • Quotations for replacement/ repair of claimed items
  • Proof of ownership / valuations of stolen items – Jewellery items etc..
  • Damage report from service provider stating cause of damage – On repairable items (Lightning/Power-surge or accidental damage)

    The main point here is to gather as much information as possible so that we process your claim smoothly. If you contact us to follow up on the status of your claim, always have your claim number on hand.

    And finally, always familiarise yourself with your Policy Wording. Make sure you understand what you are covered for and what excesses apply for your various types of cover. If you have any questions, or if you need a copy of your Policy Schedule, please contact us on 044 382 0550. We'll be happy to help.


    What you need to know ...
    These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Claims Process.

    1Do I have to submit a claim within a certain time period?
    You MUST submit your claim within a reasonable period following the date of the event that triggered the claim. We do advise, however, that you submit your claim as quickly as possible as further losses can easily be prevented by the prompt submission of claims. For example: if you live at the coast and don't fix accident damage to your vehicle, the damaged area may start to rust. Some insurers have 14 day time limits on the submission of claims which means they will repudiate your claim if you do not submit all the details within 14 days. Always check the terms of your policy wording with regards to claims processing.
    2What is GRIB's general claims procedure?
    1. Immediately report any incident or loss which may result in a claim to GRIB Claims. Late notification may jeopardize your claim. Some insurers have a limited period – i.e. within 14 - 30 days

    2. Theft, Loss of Property & Motor Accidents must be reported to the police immediately after the occurrence and no later than 24 hours. Please remember to obtain a police case number and in the event of an accident a copy of the Accident Report.

    3. A fully completed claim form and all required supporting documentation must be submitted immediately (and no later than 30 days after the incident occurred) to us with documentation substantiating the amount of the loss.

    4. Provide our Claims department with all proof, information and sworn declarations, as may be required by the underwriters.

    5. Advise our Claims department of any other insurance in place covering the same property.

    6. All reasonable precautions must be taken to protect the property from further damage i.e. act in principle “as if uninsured”.

    7. Never admit liability to “Third Parties”. All correspondence received from another party holding you responsible or liable should be forwarded to us without delay.

    3Will I have to pay anything when I make a claim?
    Yes, there is an excess payable regardless of your vehicle type and regardless of whether it was your fault or not. The excess amount is always stated in your Policy Schedule.
    4Is an insurer able to 'recover' an excess?
    If you're not liable for the loss, the recovery of your excess is pursued as a courtesy and can never be guaranteed. There are certain circumstances when excess can't be recovered. Amongst others, these include when:

    a. The insured doesn't have any third-party particulars
    b. The third party doesn't have any income or any assets to attach
    c. The legal costs outweigh the recovery costs
    d. The third party has left the country or can't be traced
    e. The merits of the claim don't justify the recovery
    5How long will it take for my claim to be processed?
    This depends on the type and complexity of your claim. When you submit your claim, your claims consultant should be able to give you more information on how long it will take for processing. You’ll also be kept up to date on the status of your claim every step of the way.
    6Who can I contact to enquire about the status of my claim?
    The claims consultant who helped you register your claim will be your contact person throughout the claims process. They will keep you updated via e-mail, telephone or SMS, just let us know what you prefer.
    7My car's been in an accident, now what?
    Protocols to follow:

    Immediately notify GRIB Claims of any incident which may result in a loss. If the vehicle is not able to be driven, notify GRIB Claims within 48 hours of the location to which it has been towed.

    1. Record the scene of the accident by sketches.

    2. Obtain the names, addresses and contact numbers of parties who witnessed the accident, this is vital.

    3. Record the names, contact phone numbers and ID numbers (if possible from the driver’s license), registration numbers, make and model of vehicles, insurance details (if available) of all the parties involved in the accident.

    4. Never admit liability to a third party. Instead refer all third party correspondence, allegations and demands to GRIB.

    5. Report to the nearest police station within 24 hours and obtain an Accident Report number and a copy of the Accident Report (please keep the name of the police officer who recorded your accident report).

    6. Accidents where persons may be injured must be reported by the owner/driver directly to the RAF (Road Accident Fund) at P.O. Box 2743, Pretoria, 0001 on a prescribed form within 14 days.

    7. If the vehicle is drivable, the vehicle should be driven to the closest panel beater for a quotation.

    8. If your vehicle is still under Warranty, please ensure that you report the damages to the principle motor dealer and ensure that your warranty is not made void by using your choice of panel beater.

    9. Certain insurers have an approved list of panel beaters - please liaise with GRIB claims personnel for the finer detail of who is approved.

    10. If the vehicle is not drivable, please contact the Insurer or GRIB. Either party will assist and arrange for the vehicle to be towed (the reasonable towing costs are covered on most policies) to a suitable panel beater in the closest town or city.

    11. If you are unable to contact us (the accident could occur outside business hours) and the vehicle is not drivable, arrange for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest reputable panel beater. Advise GRIB as soon as possible of the accident and the whereabouts of the vehicle. Please check your policies for the emergency assistance numbers.

    12. Always complete the Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Form as soon as possible and provide clear copies of the driver’s license and ID.

    13. Never authorise repairs - this authority only vests with your insurer.

    14. The vehicle will only be released by the panel beater following the repairs, once you have paid your policy excess(es) (where applicable).

    15. In certain cases, where the damage is nominal, insurers may settle the loss without assessing the vehicle. These cases should be presented to GRIB together with a quotation quantifying the damage. We will approach your insurers for approval of payment of the quote, less the applicable policy excess (such approval can never be guaranteed as insurers still reserve the right to assess the vehicle before indemnifying you).

    Provide GRIB Claims with the following within 30 days of the incident:

    1. Fully completed Motor Accident claim form

    2. Quotation for repairs to the vehicle

    3. Copy of driver's license and ID of the person driving at the time of the accident.

    4. Full details of any Third Party involved in the accident.

    5. Police case number, copy of Accident Report and Police Station.

    6. If your vehicle is not repairable, the following additional documentation must be provided:

    a. Original Certificate of Registration

    b. A letter confirming any amount owed to the Hire Purchase company or the like

    c. Two signed change of ownership forms (Yellow forms obtainable from Traffic Department offices)

    8What is the procedure for a windscreen claim?
    1. Take your vehicle to a dealer of your choice and provide them with GRIB contact details.

    2. Please note that it is beneficial to shop around for a quote as you are responsible for the excess which is a percentage (varies between different insurers) of the cost of the cost to install and replace a damaged or broken windscreen.

    3. The windscreen dealer will contact us for authorisation which will be immediate providing the terms of the policy have been met.

    4. You will need to pay the windscreen excess to the windscreen dealer before they will release your vehicle.

    5. If you are unable to contact us (over weekends etc.), most windscreen dealers usually authorise the windscreen replacement nett of the policy excess if you are able to provide them with your policy details confirming the vehicle is covered. The windscreen dealer will then invoice your insurers via GRIB and their account will be settled by your insurers provided the terms of the policy have been met. If not, you will be liable to windscreen dealers for the settlement of the whole account.

    6. Alternatively, you could pay the windscreen dealer’s account in full. Your insurers will then reimburse your nett of your policy excess providing you have complied with all the policy conditions.

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