When the management of a crisis is without leadership or protocol, it may result in serious consequences for the learners, the parents and the school itself.

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This is a complete solution for schools in times of crisis and medical emergencies. This cover is designed to protect the school’s liability by ensuring that medical emergencies are handled efficiently, by professionals so that everyone gets the best treatment and no one can hold the school liable.

This cover is for schools that: don't want to worry about whether or not a learner has medical aid or the financial means to afford a private hospital admission or ambulance service; are concerned primarily with how fast a learner can be treated by the best possible medical professional; want their learners to have access to medical emergency services even when they're on a school outing or playing sport at a different school. would like to know that if the worst came to the worst, there would be a death benefit available.

Who's Covered?

  • Up to R100 000 Medical Cover per incident (following an accident) - standard cover, R500 excess applies.
  • Up to R15 000 Death/Permanent Disability Benefit for high school pupils.
  • Guaranteed acceptance into and treatment of your child in any and all hospitals.
  • Up to R100 000 Medical Cover per incident (following an accident).
  • R20 000 Death Benefit.
  • Up to R1000 Weekly Incapacity Amount (limited).

When Can You Claim?

  • During period of Insurance.
  • When the student/staff member sustains bodily harms.
  • While injury is sustained under the direct control and supervision of the school.


  • Panic-button activation by educators.
  • Guaranteed acceptance and treatment of learners and staff at registered medical facilities.
  • Cover available even when the learner is on a school outing or playing school sport at a different school.


  • Not available to unregistered educational institutions.
  • What else is excluded and what are the conditions?

  • Cover is limited to person under the age of 65.
  • An excess of R500 is applicable if the injured has no medical aid.
  • Incidents must be reported as soon as possible of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim, but not later than 60 days of such an occurrence.
  • No claim will be paid out after 360 days, the claim will have expired.
  • Excludes overseas travel.
  • Excludes suicide, attempted suicide and any self-inflicted injuries.
  • Excludes injury caused by intoxication of any substance.
  • Excludes commuting to and from school. Cover commences upon entering school premises and ceases when leaving school premises.
  • Excludes sprains and strains directly relating to sports injuries.
  • Excludes an accident that occurs whilst not on official school business.
  • Excludes accidents occurring while participating in riot, civil commotion or public disorder or a crime.
  • FAQs

    What you need to know ...
    These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our School Insurance cover.

    1What will trigger a claim?

    The operative clause will trigger a claim. This means that if, during the period of insurance, a learner sustains bodily injury from an accident while under the supervision of the school (where the learner is enrolled) and this results in emergency medical expenses or death (caused by the injury) within 12 calendar months, the Insurer agrees to pay the compensation to the Insured and the costs of emergency travel to the hospital.

    2If a learner is injured during school hours (e.g. during a rugby match) and the injury only began to take effect later in the day once at home, will they still be covered?

    Yes, but in order to establish if the injury was incurred during school hours, you will need to go to a hospital as soon as possible; meaning as soon as something doesn’t feel right. Please note that this policy will not continue to pay out for ongoing medical costs. Same day treatment applies. This policy treats the emergency; it's not a medical aid.

    3What happens if a learner does not have medical plan and is injured during school related activities?

    The edu-emergency policy will guarantee private hospital admission as well as cover amounting to R100 000 per learner per incident. There will be an excess payable if the learner does not have a medical plan in place.

    4Will learners be covered while travelling on a school bus during a school outing?

    Yes. Learners will be covered while travelling on a school bus - provided it's under the jurisdiction of the school. This includes transport to and from school-related activities. (e.g. sports matches, drama outings etc.)