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It pays to maintain your home.

Homeowner insurance pays for sudden unexpected events, not for gradual deterioration or damage through lack of maintenance.

Heavy rain often results in claims relating to water damage from leaking roofs and flooding when blocked drains cause water to enter the house.

But it’s the responsibility of you, the homeowner, to keep your home in an insurable condition. 

Leaks from cracked or shifted roof tiles will be attributed to lack of maintenance and your claim may be rejected.

What Can You Do?

  • Ensure that nothing can impede rainwater flowing away (but not onto your neighbour’s property).
  • Clean out gutters and unblock storm water drains and drainage outlets.
  • Watch for pools of water, especially on flat roofs.
  • Annually check your roof lining, roof nails and screws.

By being vigilant, you can ensure that water damage will be less likely in bad weather.

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