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Eliminate a baboon invasion threat with these 5 deterrents:

1: Latch Windows & Doors

Put additional locks onto sliding doors to stop baboons forcing them off their runners.
Use round door handles wherever possible as baboons find these handles difficult to grasp.
Install burglar bars and ensure there is no more than an 8cm gap in the bars.
Juvenile baboons can even get through cat and dog flaps. There are devices that you can attach to the collar of your pet so that the flap only open as they approach and don’t remain open all the time.
Blinds and curtains prevent baboons from seeing into your home – if they can’t see any obvious food source they’ll be less likely to try get into your house.

2: Go Electric

If you have the budget, electric fences are an effective way to protect your property from baboons. They are one of the best baboon deterrents, but be sure to use the correct current and have the fence constructed properly so that you’re protecting your property without compromising on safety.
Put deterrents such as additional electrification around your DSTV dish – it’s costly to replace these and they are a huge attraction for young baboons to investigate.
An ingenious alternative is to strap the thorny branches of acacia trees around the DSTV dish – baboons immediately recognise the long thorns and know to avoid that area.

3: Baboon-Proof Your Dustbins

Baboons are attracted to your organic garbage and may come onto your property in search of tasty treats. Remove the threat and protect your home from baboons by baboon-proofing your dustbins. Separating your organic garbage into a separate container, not accessible to baboons. is a great way to repel baboons.
If possible, keep your garbage bin out of sight (e.g. in your garage) until collection day. Secure your bin upright by attaching it to a pole or wall – baboons have learnt that if they knock baboon-proof bins over the locks may pop open.

4: Padlock Everything

Following up from point three, padlock everything including your bins. We know by baboon behaviour that they are smart, have nimble fingers, and can open unlocked cupboards and bins with ease. Make it difficult for them to access these items as this will deter them from coming onto your property in future.

5: Be Ready With the Hose

Water is a big baboon deterrent and offers a cheap and effective way to protect your property from future baboon plunders. Use your hose or a big water gun at a safe distance to spray baboons on your property borders, or in your garden to chase them away.
Also, try to use washable exterior paint so that dirty baboon hand prints are easily washed away from your outside walls and fences.

If a baboon does manage to enter your house while your home: 

Stay calm. They won’t hurt you unless they feel threatened or cornered. Make sure they have an exit route like an open window or door. If you have dogs, lock them out of the way.

If you’re holding food, drop it. In a wrestling match over food the baboon will win.

Be confident – baboons will ignore you if you’re not sure of yourself so make a loud noise such as banging pots and pans.

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