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6 Quick Tips to Help Navigate the Insurance Market.

Shop around. It’s a maze out there when it comes to companies offering insurance these days. Spend some time speaking to friends about the cover they have. Always go with a reputable, established insurance company. There are a lot of “cheap” companies who’ll give you a very low premium but also cheap and nasty cover and service.

Speak to a broker. Contacting a broker to help arrange your insurance is often a much better option than going direct because a broker will take the time to sit with you and really understand what type of cover you need. They’ll also do most of the legwork for you by shopping around on your behalf.

Stick to what you need. Don’t look at types of insurance for things you don’t need. Get insured for your current basic lifestyle needs (car, home etc.). You can always extend your insurance later to include other things.

Understand what you’re getting for the premium. You must know what cover you have for the money you’re paying. Also, always ask what the policy doesn’t include! These “exclusions” are not something you want to find out about when you put a claim in.

Update your policy every year. Do a quick assessment each year to see what you can increase or change with regards to the types of insurance you have. Your cover should be flexible and agile, so an annual stock-take is important. It’s as simple as placing a call to update your insurance needs.

Don’t skip a payment. If you hit a financial glitch, speak to your broker or insurer immediately. They can look at the types of insurance you have and can help you reduce your premium until you can get back on track.

It makes sense to put all your cover with one insurance company. As a valued customer with various risk policies the company can help you adapt your cover according to your needs, quickly and easily.

Don’t be bamboozled by the wrong types of insurance. Contact us today on 044 382 0550 for professional advice on insurance that meets your needs.

* This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. 

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