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Make sure your goods are covered while they’re on the move.

Business goods in transit face multiple risks – they may be stolen, damaged or even lost. The main role of Goods in Transit insurance is to protect your business against these risks.

Goods in Transit cover changes depending on the type of product being transported, as some items may be more attractive to thieves than others.

Goods in Transit insurance can include load protection which may include the appointment of security guards to protect your load or while moving goods to a place of safety. Goods can also be covered whilst in storage just prior to, or post-delivery.

You can also be covered for:

  • Debris removal/ spillage clean-up costs
  • Deterioration of goods – particularly refrigerated stock
  • Containers & storage supplies
  • Ropes, chains, tarpaulins, containers and packaging material in connection with the transit

Ideas on how to minimise the risk of being looted:

  • Don’t overload. Overloaded vehicles are unsafe, more difficult to handle and are slow. This makes them an easy target for opportunistic criminals when passing through towns or up steep hills.
  • Get additional reinforcement. Spikes can be fitted on strategic areas of the vehicle to deter thieves.
  • Avoid unnecessary branding. Delivery vehicles should rather be unbranded to further avoid advertising what is being transported.
  • Secure your cargo area. Vehicles carrying goods that can easily be looted, should have secure cargo areas, preferably in closed and locked bodies.
  • Have the right vehicle insurance in place. Get Goods  in Transit insurance for complete peace of mind and know that your business will be covered for loss or damage to items being transported by road to and/or from the specified business address.
  • Avoid high risk routes. Avoid potential crime hot spots or routes which require the vehicle to move too slowly. In some cases, thieves board the moving vehicles, making it even more dangerous and difficult for drivers to concentrate.

Fleet owners and drivers alike need to be aware of the risks, as well as what can be done to minimise them in order to protect their stuff, staff and, ultimately, livelihood.

We can help keep your business moving forward with a choice of full or restricted goods-in-transit cover.

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