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Wildfire Home Protection Tips.

How To Prepare For Evacuation

Inside The House

  • Shut all windows and doors, leaving them unlocked.
  • Remove all curtains and blinds and close metal shutters if you have them.
  • Move furniture to the centre of each room, away from windows and doors.
  • Shut off gas at the bottles and move them away from the house.
  • Leave your inside and outside lights on so firefighters can see your house under smokey conditions.

  • Outside

  • Gather up flammable items from outside and bring them inside (patio furniture, children’s, toys, door mats, wheelie bins, etc.) or move them away from your house and into the pool.
  • Connect hosepipes to outside taps so firefighters can use them if necessary.
  • Don’t leave sprinklers on or water running, they can affect critical water pressure.
  • Pack an Emergency Kit (prescription medications, water, battery-operated radio, torch and spare batteries, phone charging cables and plugs, clothes & underwear, copies of important documents, spare keys, personal computers, sturdy shoes, pet food) into your vehicle.
  • If you have one, place a metal ladder at the corner of the house for firefighters to quickly access your roof.
  • Clean out your gutters and drench all garden refuse heaps thoroughly.

  • Animals

  • Locate your pets and keep them inside.
  • Prepare farm animals for transport and think about moving them to a safe location early.

  • Keep your cellphone charged. Don’t wait for an evacuation order if you feel threatened. Check on your neighbours and make sure they are preparing to leave. Watch out for downed power lines and other hazards as you move to safety.

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