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Does Your Car Insurance Cover Rat Damage?

Knysna’s alarming rat infestation recently made headlines with local business-owners complaining about how the sharp spike in the rat population is negatively affecting trade.   

But business owners aren’t the only ones suffering, homeowners are also struggling to effectively manage the growing problem.

Rats and mice can cause huge amounts of damage to homes, as well as cars and other vehicles – from chewing through wiring, to burrowing into upholstery and even hiding food inside engines.

Should rodents damage your vehicle, you’ll probably need to fork out for the repairs out of your own pocket – unless your car insurance policy covers rodent damage.

Review Your Insurance Policies

Not all car insurance policies will cover damage from rodents, so make sure you check with us, or your insurance company, to find out exactly what form of animal-created damage you are and aren’t covered for.

Some people think if their car is parked in their garage that their homeowner’s policy will cover damage from rodents. But it probably won’t since most homeowner’s policies exclude losses by vermin, rodents, birds, insects or domestic animals.

Tips to Prevent Rodent Damage to Your Vehicle

  • Park or store your car on gravel or pavement — placing a bucket of mothballs under it.
  • Remove any food sources from inside your vehicle.
  • Place deterrents such as dog hair or peppermint oil inside the car.
  • Try reputable sound repellent devices.
  • Open the bonnet of your parked car to eliminate the dark, warm environment that rodents look for when building a nest.

Once you’re happy you’ve done all you can to keep rats and mice out of your car, don’t forget to review your policy and phone us on 044 382 0550 to check whether or not you’re covered for rodent damage.

* This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice. 

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