Insurance is all about ‘peace of mind’. So when something goes wrong,
you need to speak to someone who knows what they're doing - no ifs and no buts.


Your Home. Our Business. Call Melissa.

At GRIB we have a straightforward and sensible approach to finding you the right cover at the right price and we promise to go the extra mile when helping you settle claims.

We'll always work with your best interests in mind and wherever possible, we'll demonstrate ways in which you can save money - without compromising on the quality of cover you may already have.

We have strong relationships with our insurers and an experienced in-house claims settlement team. Our ‘can do’ attitude, combined with our ability to correctly interpret complex Policy Wordings, will ensure the best possible outcome for your claim. You can rely on us to provide true peace of mind regarding your home, contents, boat and car insurance.

You don’t lead an ordinary life, which is why you need unique insurance. From your luxury cars, to your homes and everything inside them, we have the kind of high-net-worth products specifically suited to your elite needs.

Private Wealth Cover Benefits

  • We’ll cover items stolen out of your home even if there was no forced entry into your premises, subject to certain terms.
  • We’ll send an expert surveyor to your home to conduct a comprehensive asset inventory of your property.
  • You get a range of optional excess selections including voluntary, flat or waiver excesses.
  • You’ll be covered for mechanical and electrical breakdown of fixed equipment, such as gate motors, alarm systems and swimming pool pumps.
  • You'll be able to replace your plants, shrubs and trees following a loss due to storms, fire or theft under the garden and landscaping cover.

Your home is your refuge and you want to be sure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

Home Insurance

  • We'll pay to replace your plants, shrubs and trees following a loss due to storms, fire or theft under our garden and landscaping cover.
  • Power surges are covered in the event of lightning, electrical surge or load shedding subject to certain terms.
  • You’ll be covered for mechanical and electrical breakdown of fixed equipment, such as gate motors, alarm systems and swimming pool pumps.
  • Our home insurance includes property owner’s liability cover which indemnifies you up to R25 000 000 in the aggregate per annum for claims arising out of one event, including defence costs and expenses.

  • You've worked hard for what you own. Contents insurance protects your financial interests, safeguarding your belongings against accidental loss or damage.

    Home Contents

  • We cover loss or damage if your contents are temporarily moved anywhere in South Africa to any building other than the main risk address, subject to forced and violent entry.
  • Your personal belongings are covered under our Assets Out & Personal Baggage cover anywhere in the world - and you don't have to specify your laptops, cellular phones, tablets or photographic equipment.
  • There's also no need to specify your fishing equipment, golf clubs or bicycles. We'll cover your sports equipment in the home and away, as well as when you participate in sports events.
  • We'll automatically cover the contents of students and scholars at a dormitory or other residence, subject to forced and violent entry.
  • We'll cover money up to R25 000, provided there's forced and violent entry and the money is kept in a locked safe.
  • Our superior luxury vehicle insurance caters for the specific needs of owners of high-value vehicles.

    Vehicle Insurance

  • We insure your private vehicles, light delivery vehicles, sports utility vehicles, vintage vehicles, caravans, trailers, motorhomes, motorcycles or golf carts.
  • We offer specialised cover options for your vintage vehicle collection.
  • Whether your vehicle is used for social, professional, business or limited use (up to 5 000 kilometres per year) or it’s laid-up (not in use for four months or more), we'll cover it.
  • We offer you various options to select the car hire that suits your lifestyle when you have an accident.
  • If you travel cross-border with your vehicle we can also extend your cover to neighbouring countries.

  • Enjoy being on the water even more knowing that your floating asset is covered.


  • We insure your yacht, sail boat, speed boat, jet-ski or similar watercraft valued at R2 500 000 or less.
  • Our insurance covers watercraft liability insurance too, which provides protection against the costs of colliding with another boat or if someone is hurt.
  • Watercraft accessories can be insured at an additional premium.

  • With our Private Wealth Cover, your elite lifestyle will be covered so you can enjoy it. After all, you’ve earned it.


    What you need to know ...
    These are just some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our Private Wealth cover.

    1What is Private Wealth Insurance?

    It’s not just the 'super-rich' who need bespoke insurance.

    And it doesn’t always come down to the value of your possessions. Items may have been inherited, jewellery could be exclusive, especially if the cut or design is patented and is no longer produced. Replacement art and antiques may also be unavailable. No two homes are the same and lifestyle, property and valuable possessions all differ, which is why we tailor policies to be as individual as you are, written in plain English, with no onerous conditions. Mid and High Net Worth policies are designed to cover all of your possessions for all risks anywhere in the world whilst temporarily removed from your home.

    2How often do I need to have my jewelry and fine art valued?

    Depending on fluctuations in the art, gold and precious stones market, we recommend you have your artwork and jewellery professionally valued every 3 to 5 years.

    3I'm having an extension built, why do I need to inform you?

    Whilst building works are being carried out on your home, your Insurer may reduce or cancel your cover completely - leaving your major asset uninsured. This means you could be in breach of your home loan terms or conditions.

    We recommend that you allow us to arrange insurance for the Building Works and existing structures to ensure there are no gaps in cover.

    4Why might cover on the internet be cheaper to buy?

    By buying direct there's no one to give you the advice you need and in our experience, the devil is almost always in the detail …

    5What happens if I have a difficult claim and a dispute arises — who do I turn to?

    Policies purchased via a broker might be a tad more expensive but the extra expense buys you expert advice and personal service. And in the event of a claim, we'll appoint a dedicated claims consultant to be there for you every step of the way.


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