The aspect of Garden Route Insurance Brokers that really stands out is the fact that you can come in and speak to us, face to face. Our team is made up of hardworking, intelligent individuals that will always consider the most practical way of protecting your assets. Our advice is golden, we are always training our minds to further understand the short term insurance industry and the possibilities that hide between the small print.


You can choose one of the following cover options:
· Comprehensive cover
· Third party, fire and theft
· Third party only

GRIB offers a competitively-priced, motor-alone policy that has the option of adding your personal effects. GRIB’s comprehensive motor vehicle insurance also includes extensions and services to suit the needs of the 4X4 owner. This policy covers your 4X4 vehicle for emergency repairs, winching equipment, repatriation costs, extinguishing costs, wreckage removal, etc. This cover is now available in 14 African countries. You can also take out optional cover to insure your luxury vehicle for head, tail or spot lights, loss of keys, tow-in costs and safeguarding after mechanical breakdown.


It’s easy to underestimate the value of your home contents, and that can cost you should something go wrong. GRIB’s House Contents Policy protects your posessions in the event of an accident, burglary or loss.


GRIB insures domestic residential buildings that can be locked up, as well as home improvements at residential buildings such as: garages, carports and in-ground pools. In addition, as a home-owner you can also insure fixtures such as light fittings, built-in wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. Our additional convenience benefits include:


Personal Items cover gives you comprehensive cover against all specified, valuable items such as: GPS’s, cameras, laptops, computer software, jewellery, works of art, gold or silver items and many more.


When you take out a policy, it comes with a standard cover. Over and above that cover there are additional covers that could be beneficial to you. Garden Route Insurance Brokers offers a range of flexible insurance policies that have the option of various addition cover. In some circumstances we will suggest a certain cover after assessing the risk you face. If you would like to browse some of the additional cover that we offer, please read below:

– Extended Personal Legal Liability (PLIP)- Legal costs and expenses
– Death  benefit
– Personal accident cover
– Limited bed & breakfast cover
– Motor hire
– Breakdown services
– 4×4 cover
– Waiver of excess


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