Commercial Lines Accounts Executive
Misha has creative and artistic genius. Because she is extremely driven, she will not give up until she has perfected her tasks. We love Misha because she is always dedicated.
Caroline has a keen interest in the insurance industry. She absolutely loves nature and photography. We love her because she is always easy to talk to.
Personal Lines Accounts Executive
Sandra enjoys having an organised workflow structure. We love her as she is always a good listener.
Personal Lines Administrator
Melissa is soft-spoken, yet resilient in producing her work. Aside from work she likes to try out new hobbies. We love Melissa because she is always considerate.
Claims Consultant
When it comes to calamity, Pauline can calm you down with either care or a kind word. Her calm demeanor is always refreshing and reassuring to clients. We love her because she always brings out the best in others.
Front Line Administrator
Michele assists us in the running of the office and diary management. We love Michele because she is always considerate.
Company Finance
Roelien knows the ins and outs of how to increase our revenues. She works tirelessly to keep the business in the black. We love her because she is always considerate.
Dan, our strategic visionary, always sees the end from the beginning. He has a passion for the insurance industry and designing risk products for niche markets. We love him because he is always inspiring.

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